Student Stories


The Runt Who Saved the Day By: Hunter (age 13)

      Once upon a time there was a lion cub named Leo.  He was the runt of  the pride.  No one ever needed him in any way.  Yet, there was one thing  that he did really well.  Whenever the adults would come back with a  kill, scavengers would try and steal whatever they could get, especially  the hyenas.  The hyenas loved to eat the lion's treasure. 

      Every time the hyenas approached a strange thing would happen: they  would smell Leo and slowly run away in fright.  The other pack members  never knew who they were running away from and neither did Leo.  

      Many months passed and the lions decided that it was time to kick Leo  out of the pack because of his lack of help.  Soon after the dismissal,  hyenas were taking the pride's food, left and right.  The lions did not  know what to do.  They never imagined that it was Leo who kept the  hyenas away. 

      Without any food nor hunting ability, all Leo could do was look around  and hope things would get better. Leo stopped and looked straight at the  hyena pack.  He was shocked at how all of them ran away when they saw  him approach.  His stomach was empty.  Leo didn't care if it was mean or  cruel to steal the hyena's food.  He started to drag it away and then  wondered if he could eat this whole beast himself.  He began to nibble  at it but not being fully grown he barely made a dent in it. 

      He remembered his home and family and dragged the carcass back to where  the pride was.   The lions were amazed and wondered how he caught the  beast. Before he gave a straight answer, the beast was already gobbled  up by the lions.  The meat was so delicious that they let Leo back into  the pack forever.  From that day forward the hyenas never bothered them  again.

The End




I love my Red Eared Slider turtle.  His name is Templeton. 

His ears are red.  He has a tree house for a bed.

He eats rocks everyday.  I hope he never goes away.

The End

The Story Train

Exploring On His Own By: Noah age 8

     Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Sweden there lived a  turtle sleeping with his family.  He had a weird dream.  He dreamed that  that he was exploring the forest.  When he woke up, his family was  having breakfast.  The turtle asked his mother, "Could I explore the  forest?"  She said, "Sure, but home before dark."

      His brother and sister wanted to go too but they were too young.  So,  the turtle went into the forest alone.  Sadly, he got lost.  Then he  remembered his brain is actually like a compass.  He concentrated really  hard and was able to find his way safely back home.  He was happy to be  home.

The End

More Student Stories


Kingdom in the Clouds By: Patches (age 10)


     Once upon a time there was a kingdom in the clouds called Magic  Kingdom of Lechar.  It was ruled by a King and Queen and they had a  daughter named Princess Flower.  One day the princess was kidnapped by  an evil dragon.  The dragon was sent by Lord Zooca because he wanted all  the riches of the king and queen.  The king and queen asked two genies,  named Sparkle and Jewel to find their daughter.  The genies flew on  their magic carpet to Arual, the kingdom of Lord Zooca.  But, how would  they get in?  Luckily they ran into two fairies who knew the way into  Arual.

     Meanwhile, Lord Zooca was scheming about how to get the riches.  He wrote a ransom note to the king and queen.  

                          " If you don't give me (Lord Zooca) all your  riches, your little princess will be fed to my evil dragon!                             

P.S.  All your riches!                                                                                                                         Yours truly,                                                                            Lord Zooca"   


      Lord Zooca sent his ransom letter and then went to check on the  princess.  She was gone!  It seems that Princess Flower had her own  plans.  She was running back to Kingdom Lechar.  Lord Zooca sent his army to find her.  

     In the meantime the fairies and the  genies were trying to get into Arual.  The fairies were about to say  something when they overheard Lord Zooca shouting to his men:  "Go and find the princess!   Go north 50 steps and east 60 steps.  Then you will  be in the middle of the Arual and Lechar."  They decided to follow the army and get to the princess first.

     The genies and the fairies immediately jumped on their magic carpets and flew near the  soldiers.  They were careful not to be seen by the soldiers.  When they  saw the princess, they swooped down and picked her up before the  soldiers could get her.  The soldiers were shooting at them, but they  got away safely.

     In the end, Lord Zooca didn't get the  riches and he and his dragon were turned into bunnies by Jewel and  Sparkle.  The king and queen had a party for the genies and Princess Flower, and they were all friends forever.

                                                                    The End


Princess Flower By: Callie (age 10)


      Once upon a time there was a magic kingdom in the sky called Lechar.   One day the king and queen gave a grand ball for Princess Flower.   They also invited Prince Leaf because he and the princess were madly in  love at first sight.  The king and queen also planned a wedding for  them.  While the party was going on the queen went to get the princess  but she was gone.

     While the queen searched the castle, the  princess was outside in the flower garden picking flowers for her  wedding.  The princess layed down to rest in the garden.  She closed her  eyes and fell asleep.  She was awakened by a rustling noise.  She  peeked through the flowers and saw a gelert (a dog with long, stringy  ears).  She picked up the puppy; it was a s soft as velvet.   She  decided to name the gelert Velvet.

     The princess and the  puppy headed for the castle.  Out of nowhere a dragon appeared.  It  leaned down in front of them.  They climbed on its back.  The dragon  flew them out of the clouds and then the princess saw the most beautiful  castle ever!  The dragon landed in front of the castle in a parking  space with a sign that read: Reserved for Divad.  The dragon landed and  the princess and Velvet got off his back.  A little elf was there to  meet them.  He was wearing a suit like one of those elevator guys.  He  also had a note pad.  

     He came up to the princess and asked  her name.  She said, "Princess Flower."  The elf wrote it down and told  her to follow him into the castle.  It was even more beautiful inside  than outside.  They were led down a long, narrow hallway.  Finally the  hallway ended and they were in front of three big doors.  The elf took  out a big key and opened the biggest door.  They walked in the room and  saw a wizard sitting on a big gold throne with jewels on it.  The elf  walked over to the wizard and handed him the note.  

     "Hello Princess," said the wizard.   My name is Tiodi and you are the chosen one. "     

"The  chosen one!  For what?"  asked the princess.        "Our castle is  right under earthquake mountain, and we never get any peace and quiet.   So we need a better place to live.  My castle is called Noiram.  I would like to move it to your kingdom."

     The princess  promised to ask her mother and father for permission to move Noiram if Tiodi would take her back to her kingdom for her wedding.  Tiodi agreed.  His magic dragon Divad took her back home.  She married Prince Leaf, and her parents gave Tiodi permission to move Noiram next door.

      The big day came.  The elves secured the Noiram in Lechar.  Tiodi rode the dragon over to the princess' window and told her and her family to come to a party at his castle.  So they all had a party and lived  happily ever after.

                                                               The End

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Animal School By: Brian (age 14)

      All the cats and dogs in New York City were getting very fat and  lazy.  The pet owners decided to make a special school where the animals  could exercise.  The school is called The Cat and Dog School for  Fitness.

     The animals go to school twice a week.  The  strongest dog at the school is named Bulldog.  He is so tough that no  animal wants to mess with him.  He thinks he is so bad that he will beat  up anybody who gets in his way.  

     One day a big dude named  Pitbull challenged Bulldog to a wrestling match.  Bulldog said that he would fight on Friday afternoon.  Pitbull practiced all week.  Bulldog  thought he was too cool to practice and so he ate pizza all week instead  of practicing.  

     Finally is was Friday.  Bulldog and  Pitbull entered the wrestling ring.  The crowd cheered, "Fight! Fight!  Fight!"   Pitbull wrestled Bulldog to the mat and held him down.  

     "One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  Six.  Seven.  Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  And the winner is Pitbull."  yelled the referee.  

Bulldog learned his lesson:  Never Assume You Are The Best.       

The End