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Get Published!



You are invited to submit your stories to The Story Train  literacy program to be published on our website.  Although it is not possible to publish all submissions, yours could be chosen.  You will be notified personally by Ms Robertson either way.   Here are instructions for submitting your story or drawings.  

1.  First, you must WRITE A STORY!!!!!!!!!  

2.  The story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.  Maximum of 400 words. 


4.   You may BRAINSTORM with others.

5.  Write YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS.  If someone helped you, make sure to include their NAME AND ADDRESS somewhere on the story.

6.  TELL your parents, your teacher or whoever takes care of you and have that person
give The Story Train permission to publish it.

7.  Now, you must email your submission to

8.   Last, but not least, make sure you EMAIL THE STORY. There's nothing  worse than having a great story laying around on someone's bureau or  kitchen counter collecting dust.

11. You can also have your parents EMAIL the story to:

The Story Train phone number is:     1-508-996-4054

Be an author!