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Story Time Live

Each morning at 9 AM Eastern time, Ms. Sharen Robertson hosts Story Time Live 


It is public.

Remote Tutoring

 Schools may be shut down but learning is not.  The Story Train offers remote tutoring for homework help and reading, writing, and comprehension improvement.  Ms. Robertson is a certified Reading Specialist with a Master's degree in Education from Harvard, and has been tutoring for decades.  All sessions can be done remotely.  Be strong through this crisis. We  must continue to lead and guide our children and be a source of  stability and strength. 


Literacy Program

The Story Train has been motivating children to WANT to write since 1995


The  Story Train began locally in 1995 as a story writing enrichment program for elementary school age students in grades K-6.  It was created and designed by Sharen Robertson, a Harvard University graduate and certified Reading  Specialist, to inspire and motivate students to WANT to write.  The  literacy program, which is proven to build basic literacy skills (including reading, writing, and comprehension), remains true to its simple, yet effective focus on the elements of story writing and the story writing process.  What better way to motivate children than to offer to showcase them and their stories?!  That's what The Story Train literacy program is all about and has been inspiring students since it's inception in 1995.  

The program components include: 

The four parts of story writing: 

1)  character

2)  setting

3)  problem

4)  solution

The five elements of the story writing process:

1)  brainstorm

2)  initial idea

3)  rough draft

4)  revision

5)  publish

The program can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budgets of individual schools.  

Learn More

Please contact Ms. Robertson @ 508-996-4054 for details on bringing her award winning program, The Story Train, to your school.  The program is available at most locations. 

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